This is a collection of blogs that are spreading the good word.  Some serious FIRE-breathers on this list.

Kings in the Castle

Mr. Money Mustache – This is the blog that started me on my own path to financial independence.  Dishing up face-punching and skilled swearing along with an arsenal of good advice for FIRE-breathers.  This article is a must-read for anyone thinking about financial independence.  He and his wife retired early in their 30’s.

Dividend Mantra – This is the second finance blog that I started reading.  Jason is a boss, and his version of FI is living off of the dividends that his stock portfolio creates.  Great articles about valuing dividend stocks, frugality, and the mindset of someone seeking FIRE.  According to his own estimation, he is about 7 years away from financial independence.  Keep up the good work!

Early Retirement Extreme – Jacob is original recipe FIRE.  Dude is hardcore (extreme you might say) and will tell you how he lives on $7000/year.  That’s not a typo.  He’s not writing new content anymore, but a lot of his stuff is timeless.  He also has a really informative book (which they had at my library: Score!).  You should definitely check out both the blog and book if you’ve never read them before.

jlcollinsnh – The man. The legend.  His blog may not have a catchy title, but Jim is a former titan of industry that writes gold (what dragon doesn’t love gold?!).  If you haven’t read his stock series yet, you need to stop reading this blog and go read it right now.

Mad FIentist – This blog is really great at explaining technical details behind early retirement strategies.  Tax avoidance and how much it can help you on your path to FI is a big talking point.  In particular, you should definitely read this post about IRA conversion ladders.  He also has a podcast with a lot of great information on it, and some spreadsheets that are fun to play with.

Go Curry Cracker – A great blog about a young couple who retired early in their 30’s to travel the world.  If your motivation for reaching FIRE is largely centered around a desire to travel, this is a must-read.  They also have a plan to never pay taxes again.  Sounds good to me!

Rockstar Finance – This is a blog that sifts through finance articles from all over the interwebs and posts three gems every day, Monday through Friday.   J. Money, the curator, does an awesome job over there.  This is the site for your daily finance fix.

Other Awesome Blogs

Frugalwoods – Self-proclaimed frugal weirdos.  Frugalwoods is a recent find for me.  Their plan is to retire to a homestead in rural Vermont at 33 years old.  Fun fact: Mrs. Dragon and I like to joke that they are our long-distance BFFs even though we have literally never had an exchange with either of them and they don’t know we exist.

Budgets are $exy – Awesome name.  The blog focuses on increasing income via having a side-hustle. If you’re trying to up your income via doing something in your spare time, there is a lot of good advice here.  J. Money (of Rockstar Finance) keeps it fun and funky fresh over there.  Worth a look.

Work To Not Work – I really enjoy Zee’s stuff.  I find his voice is slightly different than many other FIRE blogs, which means it sometimes offers perspective I don’t see elsewhere.  He’s also very candid, which I enjoy immensely.

Other Blogs That Are Awesome, But That I’m too Lazy to Write a Blurb About

Afford Anything (focus on FI through real estate)

Living a FI (a geek’s guide to FI. Update: he recently reached his mark.  Congrats!)

Done by Forty (wants to be FI by age 40. Me too!)

1500 Days to Freedom (wants to be FI 1500 days after starting the blog)

Root of Good (retired at 33)

20 Something Finance (GE writes a lot of good stuff over here.  Not just for 20-somethings)

Big Guy Money (he’s a big guy who writes about money :))

Joshua Kennon’s Blog (this blog will help you understand investing)

Not Really a Blog But…

Financial Independence Subreddit – I know, I know.  It’s reddit.  But this subreddit is actually pretty good.  If you’ve read the other stuff and find yourself wanting more, hit it up.

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