Congratulations! You’re Pre-Approved!


Dear Current Resident Reader,

Congratulations! After careful consideration you have been pre-approved for investing for your retirement! With a long-term interest rate of 7%* and low monthly payments of just $499**  you can buy a secure retirement!

We know how hard you’ve been working, so we are especially excited to extend this exclusive offer to you.  Like all of the finer things in life, you deserve it! Usually we reserve this pre-approval for our top customers, so make sure to respond quickly to take full advantage of this limited time offer.

Imagine the looks from your friends and neighbors when you cruise into your later years with the knowledge that you will always have enough money to live comfortably.

And because a stranger is telling you that you can afford it, you obviously must be able to!  What’s one more monthly payment? Just think of the leisure and relaxation that can be had knowing your finances are well in hand.

That financially-secure-forever smell can be yours for just $499** a month so make sure you take advantage of this offer starting today!

Remember, this offer wont be around forever, so act soon!  And another hearty congratulations on your pre-approval!

*Actual interest rates may vary.

**Actual monthly payments depend on your age and expected retirement date.

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