Expenses: July 2016

ExpensesExpense report!  Since I’m a total voyeur for finance, these types of details are exactly the kind that I love to read on other people’s blogs.

Don’t get me wrong though, these numbers are primarily written for me and Mrs. Dragon.  Every good FIRE breather knows that to be successful, you have to track your expenses. You have to track them like an Olympian tracks the conditions in Rio.

How else will you know when your Hoard is big enough?

Without further ado, here are the numbers for July (rounded to the nearest dollar):

Mortgage: $710

Groceries: $689

Utilities (electric, gas, water, sewer, trash, internet): $126

Cell phones: $36

Netflix: $9

Gym: $8

Restaurants/fast food/bars: $40

Insurances (car, personal property, life, dental): $64

Gas/Car: $3

Home improvement/maintenance: $0

Travel: $922

Healthcare: $80

Entertainment: $0

Hobbies: $0

Gifts/Charity: $0

Clothing/Shoes: $0

Baby stuff: $26

Goblins: $0

TOTAL: $2713

The Goblins category is a catch-all for stuff that we don’t always spend money on.  All the little budget goblins that steal our money throughout the month.  This month there was nothing in it, just the way I like it! Every dollar fit nicely into one of our predetermined categories.

This month was mostly business as usual. We’re still adjusting to life with Baby Dragon so basically all our time was spent at the house with family cooking, cleaning, and holding the baby.  Grocery spending was pretty high, but both sets of parents came to visit in July so we were cooking for more mouths for most of the month.

In other news, our new and improved cell phone bill is in effect.  We both upgraded our phones and switched to new plans at Republic Wireless. The phones were a little pricey, but we now save ~$10/month on the phone bill and we can send and receive picture messages. Win!

The $3 in gas was for the lawnmower’s gas can. We didn’t fill the tank in our car this month.

The healthcare charges included a copay at the pediatrician’s office and two copies of the birth certificate: one to keep and one for insurance purposes.

The only unusual charge this month is that we bought plane tickets for my sister’s wedding which is in September. Of course, life is about more than money and we are really excited to get to see her and the rest of my siblings. Time with loved ones is irreplaceable.

Overall, this was a good month in terms of expenses.  We were definitely in line with our expectations other than the plane tickets.

We still have the hospital birth to pay for, which will drive up next month’s numbers, but after that things should come back down a little bit for the rest of the year.

We added some extra life insurance since we have a dependent now, and also added a dependent to our health insurance so, beginning in September, the insurances line item will be quite a bit more expensive going forward.

We will also have child care expenses starting soon, which will add a few hundred dollars a month to the budget for a couple of years. I’ll be very interested to see how our overall spending looks this year and next year.

Do you track your expenses? Do you have kids? What were the biggest changes in your budget after your children arrived?

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