Expenses: June 2016

ExpensesExpense report!  Since I’m a total voyeur for finance, these types of details are exactly the kind that I love to read on other people’s blogs.

Don’t get me wrong though, these numbers are primarily written for me and Mrs. Dragon.  Every good FIRE breather knows that to be successful, you have to track your expenses. You have to track them like Mrs. Dragon tracks US gymnastics.

How else will you know when your Hoard is big enough?

Without further ado, here are the numbers for June (rounded to the nearest dollar):

Mortgage: $710

Groceries: $663

Utilities (electric, gas, water, sewer, trash, internet): $112

Cell phones: $51

Netflix: $9

Gym: $8

Restaurants/fast food/bars: $111

Insurances (car, personal property, life, dental): $64

Gas/Car: $153

Home improvement/maintenance: $53

Travel: $241

Healthcare: $746

Entertainment: $4

Hobbies: $103

Gifts/Charity: $0

Clothing/Shoes: $0

Baby stuff: $252

Goblins: $506

TOTAL: $3786

The Goblins category is a catch-all for stuff that we don’t always spend money on.  All the little budget goblins that steal our money throughout the month.  This month it included upgrading our kitchen table, two new cell phones, and two cell phone cases.

Our previous kitchen table could only fit four people around it.  Perfect for a young childless couple in cheap grad school housing, not so good for a family who ever wants to have guests.  We ended up buying one off craigslist and then selling our old for a whopping difference of $76.

We aren’t technophiles, but our old “smart” phones couldn’t send or receive MMS messages.  That means no picture texts, which isn’t great when you have a newborn baby and your family lives out of state, so we decided to upgrade the hardware.  We’re still with Republic Wireless though.

Also, the little man is here!  Perhaps I’ll write more on this in a future post, but we’re really excited and both mom and baby are happy and healthy.

Groceries were quite expensive this month.  Some of this is due to entertaining, and some of it is due to stocking up on some basics in preparation for Baby Dragon.  There were also several six packs of beer in there.

Restaurant and bar spending was up a little because I went to a wedding and then we went out a few times while it was still just the two of us.

The automotive spending (in addition to a tank of gas) was because we had to renew our registration and I bought two window regulators for our 17 year old car. Both the rear windows needed new regulators, so I bought the parts and installed them in June. I’m happy to report that they both work perfectly now and I saved myself some money by doing the work myself! Always be learning.

Continuing with the DIY train of thought, the home improvement spending included a new toilet valve and all the fixings for a new mailbox. One of our toilets was filling slowly and the valves are really easy to replace.


As for the mailbox, quite simply, the old one was trash.  The post wasn’t set in concrete and it was just super busted-looking.  I’ve included a picture because it’s hard to overstate how bad our old mailbox looked.

I repainted the old mailbox, put new numbers on it, and installed a new post.  You can see from the pictures that the change is quite dramatic. I had the stain for the post and the paint for the mailbox laying around, so it was actually a pretty inexpensive project.  Plus it dramatically increases the curb appeal of the house.

The travel expense is the cost of the hotel for the wedding I went to.

Healthcare was quite expensive here but really it’s just two things.  The first is an eye exam and new pair of glasses for me.  The second is the cost of the doula we hired for the birth of Baby Dragon.  As an aside, we were very pleased with our doula and 10/10 would hire one again.


The entertainment cost was popcorn at the movies. We didn’t have to pay for the tickets because I regularly donate blood at United Blood Services and they give you reward points that can be redeemed for movie tickets.  That’s not why I donate, but it’s a nice freebie. 🙂

The hobby line item is for a few brewing kits.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a homebrewer and it was about time to get some more ingredients.

Last, but not least, the baby stuff. We bought a lot stuff that we didn’t get via family/friends. Mostly it was just a lot of little stuff: thermometer, nail clippers, changing pad (and covers), swaddling blankets, breast pump tubing, etc.

Basically we just got all the rest of the stuff we thought would be worth it before Baby Dragon came.

Obviously $3786 is WAAAY above our normal spending level. But I’m not too concerned about it. A lot of this stuff was either one-time expenses, or once every couple years expenses.

We will likely have a few more expensive months as the year closes out, but hopefully this will end up as the most spendy month of the year.  In the coming months we have the cost of the birth and plane tickets for my sister’s wedding coming up, but hopefully we’ll be able to close out the year with a few months in the ~$2000 range.  We’ll see!

How is your summer spending going?

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