Expenses: November 2016

Expense report!  Since I’m a total voyeur for finance, these types of details are exactly the kind that I love to read on other people’s blogs.

Don’t get me wrong though, these numbers are primarily written for me and Mrs. Dragon.  Every good FIRE breather knows that to be successful, you have to track your expenses. You have to track them like Santa tracks who’s naughty and nice.

How else will you know when your Hoard is big enough?

Without further ado, here are the numbers for November (rounded to the nearest dollar):

Mortgage: $710

Groceries: $535

Utilities (electric, gas, water, sewer, trash, internet): $223

Cell phones: $23

Netflix: $11

Gym: $8

Restaurants/fast food/bars: $59

Insurances (car, personal property, life, dental): $288

Gas/Car: $33

Home improvement/maintenance: $1179

Travel: $0

Healthcare: $136

Entertainment: $86

Hobbies: $27

Gifts/Charity: $56

Clothing/Shoes: $9

Daycare: $0

Baby stuff: $0

Goblins: $3

TOTAL: $3,386

The Goblins category is a catch-all for stuff that we don’t always spend money on.  All the little budget goblins that steal our money throughout the month.  This month it included some fabric for Mrs. Dragon to make a stocking for Baby Dragon.

Most of the hobbies and gift money revolved around a knitting project over Thanksgiving. Mrs. Dragon taught my mom and brother how to knit and we gifted them some yarn and needles. It was fun and my brother has really taken to it.

The large balance in home improvement is three new appliances. Our washing machine broke over Thanksgiving and after trying a few things to fix it myself we went ahead and just bought a new set. Our old set was bought used a few years ago and had a few issues so we were going to replace them in 2017 anyway, but the early breakdown pushed up our timeline a little bit.

The third appliance was a chest freezer. Our fridge freezer was filling up with frozen breast milk so we got a chest freezer for extra capacity. It’s actually been super nice to have the extra freezer space.

Entertainment was for a ticket to the nutcracker and two tickets to dinner theater. We really enjoyed both shows and we don’t do that kind of thing very often so it was a nice change of pace.

That’s pretty much it for November. The total was a little high, but other than the appliances it was basically in line with our long-term trends.

I hope 2017 is off to a good start for you! Happy New Year!

The Hoard: November 2016
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