Why Do You Want It?

Hello world!  Lol.  This is a blog about financial independence and retiring early (FIRE).  If you are seeking FIRE it’s extremely important to ask yourself why you want it.  Of course, who wouldn’t want it?!!  For anyone who’s new to the scene, financial independence means that you have enough money to never work again.  Essentially, your assets generate enough money that your expenses will always be covered.  Forever.

I talk about my background in the About page for all the voyeurs out there (my people!), but also because it helps explain my motivation for seeking financial freedom: security.

Through some conversations with my wife (affectionately dubbed Mrs. Dragon), I’ve discovered that security is my primary motivation for seeking financial independence.  If you aren’t motivated, it’s really hard to stay the course.  You have to want it.  Really want it.  Because it takes a lot of sacrifice to amass a hoard of assets big enough to support you forever.

Of course, once you’re down the rabbit-hole, you realize that many of those “sacrifices” aren’t really sacrifices after all.

Whether you’ve been thinking about retiring early for years, or this post is the first you’ve ever read on the subject, answering the question “Why?” is really important.  Have a boss or job you hate?  Crave financial security?  Want the freedom to live/travel wherever without worrying about the money?  These are some of the questions you might consider asking yourself.

After you know you want it, and you know WHY you want it, you can get down to brass tacks about how to get there.

Why do you want it?  Tell us in the comments.


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